Richard Hollingshead Jr. first blessed us with the drive-in theater concept, opening in Camden, New Jersey during the summer of 1933. The idea caught on quick and by the 1950s it was the move to make on a Friday night, with over 4,000 to choose from across the country. 

Today, they are fading relics, mostly just a thing of the past. Drive-ins provide a nostalgic experience under the stars that bring us back to the happy days with the biggest movie screens, amazing snack bars, and unbeatable admission prices. It is a movie experience unlike any other and a chance to support the endearing Mom and Pop tradition. Best of all, they are regaining popularity and making a proper comeback. Don't believe it? Check out this comprehensive list of the most unique drive-ins in existence today and go visit one near you for a quality night out.

The 25 Most Unique Drive-In Movie Theaters.

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