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Ray Lewis isn't the only member of the 2012-13 Baltimore Ravens team that thinks the blackout at Super Bowl XLVII was more than just a coincidence. In about an hour, ESPN's E:60 will air an interview with Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs. And in the interview, Suggs reveals that he thinks NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was the one who pulled the plug—literally—on the Super Bowl. He thinks that the Commish wanted the 49ers to make a huge comeback during the game and was behind the blackout.

"I was like, ahh, Roger Goodell, he never stops," Suggs says when asked about the blackout in a clip from the interview that we've posted above. "He always has something up his sleeve. He just couldn't let us have this one in a landslide, huh?"

Suggs doesn't stop there, either. When pressed further, he comes right out and confirms that he thinks Goodell orchestrated the entire blackout inside of the Superdome.

"I thought he had a hand in it," he says. "Most definitely, he had a hand in it."

Hmmm…We're all for a good conspiracy theory. But this one just seems a little bit too crazy for us to believe. It would be one thing if, say, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was dehydrated at the half and needed an extra half an hour in order to get back into the game or something. But if we remember correctly, the Ravens were up 21-6 at the half during the Super Bowl and then 28-6 when the blackout actually occurred in the third quarter. And blackout or no blackout, they were the ones who gave up that lead. But either way, they ended up winning the game. So why is Suggs still questioning the blackout?

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