The final score of Super Bowl XLVII was 34-31, but anyone who watched the game knows it wasn't looking that close at all in the going into the third quarter. The Ravens were busting up the 49ers and were up 28-6. It was looking like a blowout when, out of nowhere, the lights in Mercedes-Benz Superdome went out.  It stole Baltimore's momentum and gave San Francisco a chance to recuperate and come back to make it into a game.

As i exciting as it was, a lot of fans thought someone had to have set that up to save the game. Who's one person? Super Bowl champion/motivational speaker Ray Lewis. He said his suspicions in the latest episode of the America's Game eries.

Like everyone else, the legendary linebacker didn't have any evidence, but he felt the incident was far too convenient to be be an accident:

I’m not gonna accuse nobody of nothing—because I don’t know facts. But you’re a zillion-dollar company, and your lights go out? No. (Laughs) No way.

Now listen, if you grew up like I grew up—and you grew up in a household like I grew up—then sometimes your lights might go out, because times get hard. I understand that. But you cannot tell me somebody wasn’t sitting there and when they say, ‘The Ravens (are) about to blow them out. Man, we better do something.’ …t hat’s a huge shift in any game, in all seriousness. And as you see how huge it was because it let them right back in the game.

Perhaps, it's for the best the Ravens actually ended up wininng the game. Baltimore would've rioted if otherwise and there probably would've been an investigation. But Ray Lewis got to retire as a champion...and release a mixtape. Life is good.

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