With an NFL comeback looking less and less likely, it's time for Terrell Owens to probably pursue Plan B. What exactly is that? Maybe an analyst job? Model? Actor? Actually, it's none of those. Get ready for this. Owens wants to become a professional bowler. We kid you not.

“You never know where it may go,” Owens told the Associated Press. “For me the sky is the limit with my ability and what I can do. I know critics want to come out of the woodwork. But when I first got on a football team I wasn’t very good.” According to T.O., he has bowled a 288, but AP is claiming that in an amateur event, the former wide receiver "posted a combined score of 1,508 for team, singles and doubles — a 167 average."

Either way, we'll see if Owens has what it takes this weekend when he participates in the PBA World Series of Bowling at the South Point hotel. So, get your popcorn ready! 

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[via For The Win]

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