The NFL is a "what have you done for me lately?" league. Whomever might be at the top right now, might not be on the same position by next season. A couple years after that, they could be out of a job altogether. There are numerous reasons for this. Injuries, drugs, off the field incidents, and bad luck have ended some NFL careers pretty quickly. Albert Haynesworth was on top of the world when he signed a $100 million-plus contract with the Redskins, but he ended up out of the league three seasons later. Terrell Owens went from being one of the top wideouts in the league in the mid 2000s to unsuccessfully begging for a job just a few years later. It's a sad life, but we can always remember these athletes for when they were the best at what they did. From Shaun Alexander to Shawne Merriman, here are The Biggest Fall-Offs in NFL History.

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