Is Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd a degenerate gambler?

Um, we don't think so. But on Saturday afternoon, a story about Boyd owing two bookies $80,000 in unpaid gambling debts started making the rounds after it appeared on a website called Incarcerated Bob's Sports Wrap. The site claimed that Boyd has lost $80K gambling on NFL and college football games this season and that he has failed to pay his bookies.

Sound ridiculous? Yeah, we agree. But several reporters asked both Boyd and his head coach Dabo Swinney about the allegations yesterday and got similar responses from both of them.

"I don't really know where that came from," Boyd said. "When I heard it, it was pretty shocking. That being built on top of the loss [to Florida State on Saturday] made it a rough little weekend."

Swinney seconded that emotion. "That just added to my beautiful Sunday," he said. "I spoke to Tajh about it, and he just shook his head. So I have no reason to not believe Tajh Boyd. That is the only comment there is. It's disappointing that we live in this world where things like that happened."

To be honest, we wouldn't be shocked to find out that a big-time college athlete who is a shoo-in to go to the NFL next year is involved in a gambling scandal. But unless Sports Wrap provides some kind of hard evidence, this is just another dumb Internet rumor that shouldn't have popped up in the first place.

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[via The State]