We've all seen them before: People who use handicapped spaces even though they're not actually handicapped. And we all hate them. What if someone who is really handicapped needs the spot that that person is using? It completely defeats the purpose of having a handicapped spot in the first place!

Fortunately, Wyoming, Mich. resident Matt Milstead is not one of those people who steals handicapped spaces. That's because he actually is handicapped and needs them. But when he parked his BMW in a handicapped spot outside of the Grand Rapids YMCA recently, someone took the time to write Milstead a nasty note about how wrong it was for him to be in the handicapped space. We're guessing they did it because he drives a BMW and, you know, handicapped people don't drive BMWs (sigh). But whatever the case, the note called Milstead out for using the space, despite the fact that he's one of the reasons the space exists in the first place since he has used a wheelchair for the last two decades.

"I would love to see your wheelchair!" the note said. "I'm guessing male 25-35 years professional who thinks he's got the world by the ass. But I could be wrong."

Yup, you could be. And in fact, you were. Shame on you. Watch the video above to hear Milstead talk about the mistake.

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[via WOOD TV]