Ricky Williams has always been a little, er, different. But the latest story about him is really, really out there, even by his standards.

According to For The Win, the former Ravens running back who retired early last year is now coaching the running backs at the University of Incarnate Word. And rather than commute to the school every day to coach, he spends at least part of every week during the season sleeping in a dorm at the school. He only has a twin bed in his room, though, so he recently opted to put Spider-Man sheets on it with an Avengers comforter.

"I'm really low maintenance," he said recently. "I thought I could either get something big that's nice or something that fits and is cool."

Ha! So rather than squeeze a queen or king-size bed into his tiny room, he went with the Spider-Man sheets. How crazy/awesome/ridiculous/silly/Ricky Williams-esque is that?!

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[via For The Win]