As kids, there was never a question about which piece we wanted to use when we sat down for America's favorite boardgame; it was always the race car. That car will forever live on as the original, but there's a bigger, badder vehicle lineup in Hasboro's newest Monopoly version called Monopoly Empire. The rules are different, the board is different, and you can now play as a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray or a Ducati motorcycle, among many other pieces. On top of that, the pieces are gold. 

The point of the game is no longer to buy locations but to buy companies and build (yep!) an empire. The brands in the game include: 

- Beats by Dr. Dre
- Carnival
- Chevrolet
- Coca-Cola
- Ducati
- eBay
- Electronic Arts
- Fender
- Hasbro
- Intel
- JetBlue
- McDonald’s
- Nerf
- Nestlé
- Paramount Pictures
- Samsung
- Spotify
- Transformers
- Under Armour
- Xbox
- X Games
- Yahoo!

We might have to buy this just for the 'Vette. 

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[via Corvette Facebook