Metta World Peace is 33 years old, which is pretty old in athletic years but decent in regular people time because normally that's not the age you're forgetting stuff. Unless you're World Peace.

Maybe it's due to the Hennessy killing his brain cells during halftime in his earlier years, but World Peace admitted in an interview with MSG that he forgot which team plays in Toronto (Hint: It's the Raptors). Somewhere out there Drake solemnly shook his head out of disbelief.

To be fair, World Peace is a forgetful person. His list of things he forgot recently includes when Game 6 of the Finals started, the Lakers actually have a very little chance of making it to the Finals, and he's a decent rapper at best. But because he's Metta World Peace—a great basketball player and awesome storyteller—he gets a slide.

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[via Pro Basketball Sports]