Late last night, a CBS Houston report indicated that several angry Texans fans had shown up at the home of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub earlier this week and yelled at him about his poor play recently. But according to Houston Police, that did not happen. Police were called after someone inside of the Schaub household noticed a suspicious man lurking around near their property and taking photos. But the Houston Police took to Twitter a little while ago to dispel the rumor that anyone showed up at the house and yelled at Schaub:

We're relieved to hear that Texans fans aren't quite as batshit crazy as we thought they were after hearing the story about fans telling off Schaub in front of his house last night. But NFL Security is still investigating the incident to try and figure out exactly what happened. So something tells us that we still haven't heard the full story just yet. Stay tuned.

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[via Houston Police]

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