Did you enjoy the incredible one-handed catch that Julio Jones made last night? We hope so. Because unfortunately, it might be the last catch he makes for awhile.

According to multiple reports, Jones may be out for the rest of the season with a foot injury that he apparently sustained during the Falcons loss to the Jets last night. There's been no word as to what kind of injury he is suffering from right now. But he is going to get a second opinion on his foot tomorrow in order to see if he will be able to play at all during the remainder of the season.

If Jones is out for an extended period of time, you can pretty much stick a fork in the Falcons. At 1-4, they're already in pretty bad shape. But with Jones possibly out and Roddy White still struggling to play through a high ankle sprain, Atlanta is in a lot of trouble right now.


It's now being reported that Jones broke a screw that was inserted into his foot during a surgery back in 2011 during last night's game.

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[via Jay Glazer]