Hey, guys, do you want to impress a girl? Then we have some advice for you: Do not do what this guy did.

He was kicking it with a chick in the back of a pickup truck recently when the truck stopped for a moment. So he decided that he was going to get up and start dancing with the girl. The only problem? The driver of the truck didn't see him get up and start dancing. Well, either that or the girl in the back of the truck was the driver's sister. But either way, the driver pulled off a few seconds later while the guy was still dancing. And…BOOM! The guy fell over the tailgate and went down hard onto the pavement.

Fortunately, the guy wasn't seriously injured in the accident. He very easily could have hit his head and gotten a concussion or even broken his neck during his fall. But all he suffered was a severly bruised ego and a whole lot of embarrassment. We bet that this will be the last time he pulls a stunt like this in an effort to impress a girl.

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[via Car Scoops]