There's nothing quite like grabbing something to eat after a long night out at the bar or club. No matter what you're eating—bacon and eggs from the diner, a big, sloppy sandwich from a food truck, or something off the dollar menu—it tastes like the best thing ever. But one Ohio man went to great lengths, too great of lengths, to get something to eat after a night out recently.

That man, 31-year-old Randall Miller, was intoxicated when he stopped off at a fast food restaurant to get something to eat at around 1 a.m. one day last week. So as soon as he pulled out of the restaurant with his meal, a police officer attempted to pull him over. But Miller really, really wanted to eat the hamburger he had just purchased. So rather than pull over right away, he led the cop on a chase while he scarfed down his food.

"[He said he] was too drunk and just wanted to eat his [burger] before he stopped," the police officer said later.

Miller apologized to the officer for trying to run away from him. But his apology fell on deaf ears. So now, in addition to the drunk driving-related charges that he received, he's also facing one for fleeing from a police officer. Sounds like that burger was definitely not worth the trouble.

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[via The Smoking Gun]