Everybody remember this number: 2.15. That is now the number that defines the fastest electric vehicle in the world and the number that would take down the current quickest-accelerating production vehicle in the world, the Ariel Atom (at 2.30). 

The car you see above is the DUT13 Electric Car, a lightning bolt built by the students at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. It took on the previous EV 0-60 record of 2.68 seconds and basically spit on it, disgusted with how slow that is. The DUT weighs only 320 pounds and has 135hp (good for one horsepower per 2.2 pounds). Couple that with four-wheel drive and you get a car that launches to 62.14 miles per hour in only 2.15 seconds. Any electric haters care to comment? 

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[via DVice