Ferrari might be able to limit the amount of people who are buying its cars, but it certainly can't control whose hands a Ferrari ends up in. And they definitely can't control what those hands end up doing with the supercar. 

Something tells us the company won't be too happy with what Deadmau5 might be doing to his 458 Italia

The images you see above are some rederings from 'mau5's computer. As his Instagram pointed out, he's starting to design a wrap for his Prancing Horse. To the dismay to many people's eyeballs, the Cavallino Rampante might be unrecognizable thanks to the Nyan Cat design he's come up with, complete with the Pop-Tart cat, the rainbow, and the starry sky.

"Tires? Where were goin... We don't need tires. Starting to design my wrap job. ... 458 Wrap #1... Sexy! ... Here's the other side. I should seriously do this. ... What you know about my pink calipers?" Deadmau5 said in five consecutive Instagrams. We knew he loves cats, as he owns one called Meowingtons, and we know he loves his cars, as he does all of his interviews in them, but who in their right mind could have predicted he'd put the two together to create this? We'll take "NOBODY" for $500, Nyan Cat. Thanks. 

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[via @deadmau5]