Chris Mullin is 50 years old, and he hasn't played in the NBA in more than a decade now. But he can still shoot the ball better than a lot of NBA players who are half his age.

This video that was taken late yesterday at UC Santa Barbara serves as definitive proof of that. During a three-point contest that the Kings held in front of a bunch of grade-school kids, Mullin showed off his sweet stroke by hitting 14 of 15 three-point shots during the contest. It was super impressive when you consider how long he has been out of the league, and it left a lot of the Kings players speechless.

"We might need to sign him to a 10-day [contract]," DeMarcus Cousins said after seeing Mullin's shooting performance. "He's a Hall of Famer for a reason."

Watch Mullin take his turn in the three-point contest in the video above. He still has it, folks.

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[via Cowbell Kingdom]