With a new NBA season just around the corner, fans from every team are experiencing those optimistic feelings that this year is their team's year. Yeah, even Bobcats fans. Well, we think. Anyway, the Knicks are in the same boat, but much of their success lies on the shoulders of Carmelo Anthony. And speaking of shoulders, Anthony made an interesting confession about his recovery from a partially torn labrum he suffered during the 2013 playoffs. 

Carmelo Anthony said he took a “huge risk’’ this offseason in opting not to have left-shoulder surgery and claimed he also had a torn rotator cuff to go along with a partially torn labrum.

Anthony said he’s “ecstatic’’ it has all worked out because he feels no pain so far through two preseason games.

[...]“I’ve never been 100 percent in my life but it’s as good as it’s going to get,’’ Anthony added. “I feel nothing.’’

Hmm. While Melo says he feels nothing at the moment, Knicks fans should feel a little nervous about Anthony's ability to play throughout the season, especially if a guy like Kevin Garnett is going to pull a stunt like this one

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[via Beyond The Buzzer]