Where there is a car, there is probably somebody who has taken a picture with it not too far away. We've all done it at some point. Especially in today's mobile and social age, our automobiles are great props and hopefully something to be proud of. But there's an inherent risk that comes with taking photos in and around our cars: Your pose might make you look extremely awkward. 

The best way to do it is probably just to stand there. Maybe you can put one hand on it, or maybe you can sit in the driver's seat with your hands on the wheel. Still, unless you're a professional driver, the chances you're going to look at least somewhat corny are about 85 percent. We spent the a good portion of a few days combing through some photos we found out in the Interspace, selecting the cream of the crop when it comes to looking weird. Get off your feet and get ready for the week with the comedy gold that is Photos of People Awkwardly Posing With Their Cars. You won't be disappointed. 

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