The thing about getting rich is even the most domestic of objects like a bed or a table can turn into a chance to stunt. Same thing goes for birthday cakes. For these athletes, those days where they got the small Carvel cake that gave them a fuzzy feeling inside and whatnot are over. Forget being happy to see another year; it's time to live it up. You're above Popeyes now, since you can simply have a cake done that looks like a Popeyes meal; word to Adam Jones. You'd be feeling yourself a little bit too after coming up just ask Cam Newton and his accomplishment cake or Floyd Mayweather and his money cake. So why not celebrate by eating a cake that represents who you are? If these ideas sound ridiculous, it's because they are. But that definitely hasn't stopped athletes from trying them. Here is a gallery of the Most Awesome Athlete Birthday Cakes

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