Air Bud kind of fucked it up for the rest of the golden retrievers out there. As a kid, you're not thinking about how highly unlikely a majority of the events that occur in the original movie are. How is a golden retriever that accustomed and agile in basketball shoes? We'd imagine it would be slightly more like kitten mittens than animal basketball prodigy in real life. And why are kids in a championship basketball game unable to guard a player that's half their size? Like, who raised them? Regardless, after the movie some were left looking down at their golden retrievers asking, "What are you about?," while the canines respond by looking up with a slight head tilt thinking, "Dude, grow up."

The rest of the animal kingdom got off easy because there was no Walt Disney-style interferences, but there are animals putting in work athletically all the time, albeit not in clutch situations like Buddy supposedly did. Check out GIF Gallery: Animals Performing Amazing Sports Feats.

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