Watch as Action Bronson and a coked-out Party Supplies take a limo ride to the Garden to buy off Patrick Ewing and Pat Riley. Directed by Complex TV's latest addition, Rik Cordero. 

While brandishing what looks like an Uzi, Bronson tells Patrick to "do the right thing" as he tosses a bag of cash at Ewing's feet right before tip-off. Knicks fans all remember Ewing's missed layup at the end of Game 7 of the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinal against the Pacers. Now we finally know the reason why that layup never went in. Ewing was in fear for his family's safety. Be sure to grab Blue Chips 2 on Friday, Nov. 1.

And be on the look out for our sports show hosted by Action Bronson in the near future. Exclusivey on Complex TV.