We already know that a Toyota hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is going to hit the market in 2015, but apart from that there's been little information worth reporting regarding this car.

Now we know a few notewothy details about this car. Firstly, it's going to be built on the bones of the discontinued Lexus HS 250h. In case you've forgotten about it, and we wouldn't blame you if you had, it was basically a fancy Prius that was made rather redundant by the CT 200h and the ES 300h. While we aren't big fans of the HS, we are happy to know that Toyota's fuel cell vehicle is going to have some premium parts in it. We also think it might be very similar to the 2011 FCV-R concept, which seems to be proportionally very similar to the HS 250h.

The car should be able to go more than 300 miles on 11 pounds of hydrogen (27 mpp?) and will produce about 135 horsepower. It won't be quick, but at least 100% of the motor's torque will be available at zero RPMs.

It should cost about $50,000.

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[via Car & Driver