OK, so Eli Manning did not start the season the right way. Throwing 450 yards and four touchdowns is good, but throwing three interceptions including one on your very first throw of the season is absolutely not. Not only would coach Tom Coughlin be pissed, Twitter would not approve.

Unfortunately for Manning, not enough of the Twitterverse were caught up with the craziness in the Breaking Bad to miss the sloppy performance put on by Manning and the Giants offense. Even though running back David Wilson just could not hold on to the ball and fumbled twice, Manning still was the target of a lot of Twitter jokes. It's because he's a Manning and the quarterback of a New York team. Anytime you make mistakes like the one Eli was making last night, you're going to get criticized. A lot of those Twitter criticisms aren't going to be the most sensible either.

From claims of Manning catching Romo-itis to quips at the #ManningFace,  check out a few highlights of Twitter Slandering Eli Manning After Week 1 Loss.

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