How would you like to make $1 million for two days of work? Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Well, that's the offer that Tim Tebow reportedly has on the table right now, as a football team from Russia called the Moscow Black Storm has offered him a milli to play in two games for the team. The Black Storm are competing in the American Football Championship of Russia later this month, and they think that Tebow would give them a good chance to win it.

"We have offered him $1 million for two games," Black Storm owner Mikhail Zaltsman just revealed. "I talked with him personally and he wanted to go. [His agents are] thinking of using him as a motivational speaker. They don't want him to play football."

Uh…why?! We know Tebow wants to get back into the NFL right now. But the Black Storm just offered you $1 MILLION FOR TWO DAYS OF WORK! So take that offer in Russia, Tim, and then focus on NFL football again. It's not like anyone is banging down your door over here right now.

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[via Eye on Football]