Let's get the important stuff about this The Hundreds x The Shadow Conspiracy BMX bike out of the way right off — there will only be 200 of these bad boys available (starting September 19th at The Hundreds stockists, and on the 23rd online), and they will retail for right around $799. Which, for a pro-level BMX bike (which this is) is quite the deal, even without the added collab caché—not to mention the gear. But forget that for the time being, let's talk about the bike.

For those of you who know BMX, you know that The Shadow Conspiracy generally sticks to parts and softgoods while Subrosa is the name on the frames. But for this project, the decision was made to go Shadow through and through, producing a frame specific to this bike.

"We all wanted to do a project that was more than just some decals placed on a stock BMX bike," says Shadow's Ron Bonner. "This is why we choose to create a custom made Shadow frame that is limited to just this project and will never be produced again."

And while other collabs in the past have been cruisers, this was intended to be a real, ridable BMX bike. Its 21" toptube, 75-degree head angle, 9" standover and 13.75" chainstays are all spot-on modern geometry. It's also built to accomodate wide tires, and the brake mounts are removable. Then there's the custom machined brake bridge, which combines the Shadow and Hundreds graphics—each of which took an hour to make. And yes, it's 100 percent seamless chromoly, as is the fork. So yes, the graphics are dope—as is to be expected from anything with the Hundreds or Shadow name on it, let alone both—but underneath is a full-on, pro-level BMX frame and fork.

It doesnt end there, either. Parts? Lots of Shadow Conspiracy signature-level goodies, including Noctis Seth Kimbrough signature cranks, Strada Simone Barraco 2.3" signature tires, Ravager stem and PC pedals, and a Shadow x Hundreds Solus seat. And of course a Shadow chain.

Videos? Got those too. The first is the build, the second in action (in NYC, sans brakes). Go in.

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