Stats before bust year: 16 G, 1,364 YDS, 11 TD
Bust year stats: 16 G, 1,047 YDS, 4 TD
Reason(s) for bust: Overworked, loss of interest

Chris Johnson's 2011 was #been #doomed. After becoming CJ2K and carrying the ball 674 times over two seasons, Johnson spent that offseason demanding to get paid. He was well-aware of the shelf-life of star running backs, and wanted to get his guaranteed money while he was still hot. *cues to Larry Johnson nodding condescendingly* The Titans eventually gave him $30 million guaranteed, making him the highest-paid running back, but they expected CJ2K, not CJ1K to show up that season.

Johnson took heat for "avoiding contact" and running to protect his newly minted $30 million body, while his offensive line was also blamed. Whatever was the case, fantasy owners and the Titans didn't get their expected return on their massive investments—whether it was a No. 1 overall pick or $30 million—making Johnson a certified bust in 2011. Also, never forget...