Motivated by the mistakes of last year. Strengthened by an offseason of tireless training. Now is the time to answer the haters and validate your existence with the most coveted of all male accolades: fantasy football league champion.

It won't be easy. It'll take a lot of riveting chatter between cubicles over who to start "Reggie Bush or Trent Richardson?" You'll spend hours probing the blogosphere for insider tips. You'll spoil your Sunday afternoons screaming at NFL Red Zone in a way that others in your living room are uncomfortable with. Through the process, you'll irritate your girlfriend and, likely, alienate a friend or two. But when you hoist that non-existent trophy at the end of your not-even-a-real-game season to the admiration of no one—it'll all be worth it. If any of the aforementioned sounds familiar please do yourself a favor and check out these 10 Signs You're a Fantasy Football Jackass.

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