The last time we saw something new from smart, it had wings on it á la Jeremy Scott and was only seeing a limited production. Now smart has ended their hiatus with this car seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The smart Fourjoy is a four-seater buggy concept car with no doors and no rear window. smart designed the Fourjoy with features that "reference to the first smart model series," including "the extremely short overhangs, the wheels positioned on the four most outer points, the tail lights integrated in the sturdy tridion cell and the spherical instrument cluster."

The futuristic seating and overall design of this smart car make it perfect for a beach day with friends. The 17.6 kWh battery fully charges in 7 hours so you wouldn't have to plan too far ahead, and there are two electric-powered longboards and helmets attached to the top of the car and under the seat, respectively, with a HD camera to record your adventures once you reach your destination. As a concept, we aren't holding our breath for this to hit the market, but there is a possibility that some of the design elements will be used in the next smart car.

Check out the introduction video for the smart FourJoy below:

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[via AutoBlog]