The Frankfurt Motor Show kicks off tomorrow, September 9, which means even more reveals from just about every car maker and tuner you can imagine. Rolls-Royce has revealed this one-off Phantom Celestial for the show, meant to commemorate the history of the model. On the headliner of the Celestial is a night sky created with fiber-optic lights (hence the name). The sky was made to replicate the skies over the south coast of England at midnight on January 1 of 2003, the day the first Rolls-Royce was delivered from the factory.

Other notable features of the Rolls-Royce Celestial are the special 4-diamond analog clock (pictured), custom leather interior to match the theme, and more space in the back so that riders can lounge and look up at the stars. As a bespoke vehicle, these features obviously won't be available in your standard Phantom, but the stars thing shouldn't be too hard for some after-market experts to replicate.

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[via GTSpirit]