If I were to typecast a Rolls-Royce owner, I'd probably pick out an extremely wealthy older gentleman or woman who was constantly in business attire, attended concerts and performances that sold out three weeks before they went on sale, ate only the finest cuisines with seven different types of forks, had a strong opinion about the Australian grapes from 1996, and hasn't washed his own car since he was in  high school. 

None of these things could remotely be said about me. For one, I love washing my own car, but also because I'm, you know, a twenty-something living in a city that laughs at the words "savings account." However, because I am an exceptionally lucky person who happens to get to write about cars for a living, Rolls-Royce invited me to fly to Austria to test out its new GT, the Wraith. Getting to my destination and living there for a couple days was as exhilarating as driving the 624hp beast. I would like to share this journey not to brag, but to open you up to a life that many might not know even exists: the Rolls-Royce life. Take a trip with me. 

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