The last time we heard the name Ricky Davis, it was because the former NBA player was attempting to make a comeback in the D-League back in early 2012. That must not have worked out for him, though, because, well, that was the last time we heard his name. So in spite of the work he has been putting in since last playing in the league in 2010, Davis' NBA career is apparently over. Er, or is it?!

According to Bleacher Report's Jared Zwerling, Davis was recently invited to take part in an NBA mini-camp this week. And guess which NBA team extended the invitation to him? Go ahead and guess. No, really, take one guess. We'll wait.

Give up? Okay, okay. That NBA team is none other than—drumroll, please—the New York Knicks! We have no idea why in the world they picked him of all people to invite to mini-camp or what role he could potentially play if they actually picked up him for the 2013-14 NBA season. But apparently, they see something in him that warrants a closer look. And they're getting it right now.

Oh, Knicks...

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[via SLAM]