Porsche, as always, has some really cool special editions in the works. Normally, this information gets given to the press slowly, in a mildly annoying manner with lots of teasers and such. Today is different; information on the company's four big upcoming vehicles was leaked so we're going to condense it into a wonderful automotive Spark Notes-style infodump.

  • Boxster GTS: The GTS will get 15 more horsepower, stadard PASM, manual transmission, ugraded interior, 20" wheels, new fascias, and some weight reduction.
  • Cayman GTS: Same as the Boxster GTS.
  • 911 Targa: Rather than a traditional targa top, the new one will be automatic and will fold back into the body in some way.
  • Macan: The new smaller SUV is set to debut at the LA Auto Show. The S model will sport a 3.0L turbo engine and the Macan Turbo will rock a 3.6L turbo that's not like anything else in the Porsche line-up. It could be borrowed from Audi. The Macan S will cost $52,000, and the Turbo will cost $75,000.

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[via Jalopnik

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