This is Nissan's new NISMO Watch. Smartwatches are generating a ton of buzz right now, and this is the first one the Rides channel is really excited about, because it promises to make us faster drivers on track. We like things that make us faster

The NISMO Watch gets data from your car (as long as it's a Nissan performance car) and takes biometric data to advise you on how to set a better lap time next week. It will also let you know when your car needs to be serviced, wanr you when road conditions could be dangerous, and even tell the time. That's right, they didn't forget to put a clock in there. 

Right now it's just a concept, but judging by the fact that Nissan bothered to make it in three colors and design packaging that's made from tire rubber scraped from race tracks, we think it's probably headed to production.

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[via Nissan