Date: 1/6/1995

When former New York Jets owner Leon Hess discussed the firing of head coach Pete Carroll with his team in 1995, he told them, "I'm 80 years old. I want results now. Not five years from now." So who did he bring in to get those results? Former Philadelphia Eagles head coach, Rich Kotite. And not only did Hess appoint him as the new head coach for New York, but he also made him general manager. It's safe to say that the move didn't work out quite like he was hoping.

Kotite went 4-28 in his two seasons at the helm, led the team to the worst record in the league each year, and ended up stepping down from his position after the 1996 season. He never coached in the NFL again. Meanwhile, Hess would end up passing away a few years later, at the age of 85, having never seen those much-desired results come to fruition. Funny to think that, in retrospect, getting fired that day was probably the best thing that ever happened to Pete Carroll.