Date: 1976

Notre Dame may have a lot of love for their former head coach, Lou Holtz, but the Golden Domer homer will find none of that in the hearts of New York Jets faithful. Remember Bobby Petrino's infamous stint with the Atlanta Falcons a few years back? The one that lasted just 13 games and ended with him resigning via a form letter? Holtz was basically Bobby before Bobby was Bobby (minus the whole motorcycle sex scandal, that is).

Hired away from NC State after the 1975 season, Holtz would only coach 13 games for the Jets in 1976 before he resigned with one game left and a 3-10 record. And then he went on to coach-yes, you guessed it-the Arkansas Razorbacks the next season. In the long, long line of fails in Jets coaching history, Holtz is one of the worst.