Is he cocky? Yes. But do the numbers and accolades he's racked up over 16 seasons back up his egotistical demeanor? Weezy said it best. Ten All-NBA first teams, five championships, two NBA Finals MVPs, two scoring titles, and the reputation as being the best to grace the court since His Airness. Those who hate Bryant will gladly have him on their team. At 34 years old, he's leading the league in scoring with 30 PPG and is shooting a career-high 47 percent from the field. There were plenty of talented players who came up in his generation, but of that bunch only Kobe remains among the elite in 2013. He's not riding the bench or playing ball in China with dudes who've only seen NBA talent on TV.

Instead, he's spending 39 minutes per game on the hardwood against future Hall of Famers who were still in middle school and high school when he won his first ring. The longevity and success of his career are due to his work ethic and knowledge of the game. Love him or hate him, Kobe "Bean" Bryant is the epitome of a badass athlete.