Referees can make or break a play, and we're not talking about just yellow flags here. They can be defensive backs; just peep Jay Cutler's incomplete pass for an example.

Ohio State's Jordan Hall showed refs could be one of the most versatile assets on the field. On this touchdown run, the running back turns referee Jim Krogstad from an obstacle to a lead blocker against his will.

Hall tosses Krogstad to a hungry FAMU defender to give himself some space to reach the end zone. The running back knows the referee's unfit body is no match for the defender's youthful exuberance, so he pulls the ref down for good measure. So now the defender has to step over him to have at least a shot at stopping the play, which doesn't happen as Hall runs it in for the score.

It's great improvisational plays like these that allow Ohio State to be utterly blowing out FAMU by halftime (although at 55-0, "utter blowout" is putting it lightly). Was it unintentional? Probably, but it's a minor detail folks.

UPDATE: Would über blowout be a better term? Ohio State won the game 76-0.

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[via SB Nation]

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