What's worse than an athlete that talks a lot of trash? An athlete that talks a lot of trash and then backs it up. While critics have to wait about a month and a half to seethe at LeBron James's lowkey supreme confidence, for now they'll have to settle for Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. It's not settling in the sense that it's a consolation prize either; he's too entertaining and talented for that.

Last night was Sherman at his most Sherman-ness. He held Anquan Boldin to no catches (the one on the stat sheet comes when Sherman wasn't on him). Mind you, Boldin had over 200 yards the prior week against Green Bay. Then to add like a gallon of saltwater to the 29-3 pounding the Seahawks were giving to the 49ers, Sherman caught an interception in the fourth quarter and proceeded to dance with the Seahawks cheerleaders, just because.

Finally, in a Kanye West-esque "Can I talk my shit again?" moment after giving his former college coach/current 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh a condescending, firm pat on the bottom, Sherman sent a message to those watching during the postgame interview. “There are a lot of pundits and ignorant idiots who thought, ‘Oh, the Seahawks are gonna lose this game.’ Well, please, please don’t doubt us again,” Sherman said. “Every time you doubt us, you look stupid.” What can you do? He owns wide receivers and Skip Bayless.

But while Sherman definitely came out the winner, there were other winners this week. There couldn't have been that many people crying along with EJ Manuel when he won his first NFL game (because how many Bills fans are out there outside of Buffalo?) but it still was a sweet moment to watch. The Vikings also found some ways to win but none of which involves a tally on the win column.

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Written by Brian Josephs (@Bklyn_Rock)


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