Manning Bowl III is today. And that means you just dealt with an entire week of hype for two guys putting you and your brother to shame. Today we vouch for little bro because, let's face it, Peyton has always been heiled as the superior manifestation of Archie's sperm. It's easy to back the elder brother because he's (probably) the greatest signal caller who ever lived. But let's not cast Eli as some black sheep goof-off who can barely handle a snap. We're talking about two future Hall of Famers.

We're not saying/arguing Eli is better. We're just saying he's more than a lanky doofus who looks like Wayne from the Wonder Years. He's got two titles and we still refer to him as Peyton's younger brother. You know what? Screw that. Eli's more badass than his older sibling. As one of only 11 quarterbacks with two fingers weighed down by diamonds, he's earned that right. Here's 10 Reasons Why Eli Manning Is More Badass Than Peyton.