Did you miss the Phoenix Mercury/Minnesota Lynx WNBA playoff game last night? We're going to guess that you did. The 49ers played the Rams in a big divisional game and Mariano Rivera played his final game at Yankee Stadium, so it's likely that a WNBA game—even a WNBA playoff game—ranked pretty low on the totem pole last night. But if you didn't tune into the game at all, you missed at least one pretty interesting play.

In the fourth quarter of the game, with the Lynx leading the Mercury 70-44 and the contest pretty much over, Mercury guard Diana Taurasi and Lynx guard Seimone Augustus got into a brief bumping match that ended with the two players face-to-face and talking trash. So a referee had to intervene to break them up. But before he did, Taurasi earned a foul by doing something that we've never seen a pro basketball player do to earn a foul—she kissed Augustus on the cheek. It got quite a reaction from the analysts calling the game and quite a reaction from Taurasi, who couldn't believe that she got a foul called on her for kissing Augustus.

Watch the play in the video above. Do you think she deserved a foul for doing this?

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[via The Big Lead]