It's only Week 2 and Darrelle Revis is already upset with how head coach Greg Schiano runs things, according to FOX Sports' Mike Garafolo.

This is reportedly because of the contrasting way of how Schiano and Revis' former coach Rex Ryan runs things. Ryan was notably loose with his players and was defensive-minded; Schiano is very strict when it comes to managing the team and doesn't focus on man coverage, both of which are problems for Revis. The latter issue must be particularly troublesome since man-to-man coverage is where Revis shines.

This is particularly bad news because quarterback Josh Freeman also has a reportedly strained relationship with Schiano. He may not have his job for that much longer if he's already having issues with his team's main players before even a quarter of the season has been played. It's also not a good look if one of those players—Revis—is worth $96 million.

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[via SB Nation]