Some things really make us want to sever ties with this country and head for Mexico, and this truck is one of those things. A seller on eBay is getting rid of this gem: a custom-built 1999 Ford Monster Truck that is from bumper to tailgate "All American." The build itself isn't half-bad (though the gas tanks on the side are a little much), but the flag theme absolutely kills it. The owner lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (figures) and obviously believes that the pictures speak for themselves, because there is no information about the build at all, just the make/model and other information required to list on the site. 

We don't know anyone who would want to own this. Maybe the "GOD BLESS THE WORLD" and "GODWILL BE DONE" decals will help the sale because they can't possibly make things any worse. If you are in the market for one of these...things, make sure you check the listing here and give Alex a call.

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[via eBay