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Back in June, Indians pitcher Chris Perez was charged with drug possession after he had a small amount of marijuana shipped to his house in Cleveland. Early this morning, Perez pleaded no contest to a drug abuse charge and was fined $250 and ordered to serve a year of probation. Case closed, right?

Yeah. But the final proceedings in Perez's case also revealed one minor wrinkle that we didn't know about before. When Perez had marijuana shipped to his home in June, he did not have it shipped directly to him. Instead, he had it shipped to Brody Baum, the dog that he shares with his wife Melanie, who was also hit with a minor drug possession charge as a result of the shipment. That's right. PEREZ HAD HIS DRUGS SHIPPED TO HIS DOG! Ha. But unfortunately for him, police did not fall for his weak attempt at masking the fact that he was having drugs shipped to his home and he was arrested a short time later.

Nice try, bro. But did you really think that shipping drugs to your dog was going to work? What in the world were you smoking when you came up with that bright idea? Oh yeah, that's right...

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