Michael Vick helped usher in this new era of mobile quarterbacks with his blazing speed and rocket arm out of Virgina Tech. The Falcons drafted him first overall back in 2001 and he led the team to some playoff success in his time there including a NFC championship appearance in 2004. For a significant stretch of his time with Atlanta though, Vick was running an illegal dog fighting ring at one of his houses. He plead guilty to federal charges where he went to jail for 21 months. After his jail term, Vick returned to the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles where he has brief sparks of his oldself at moments but has failed to lead his team playoff victory. 

What could've been: Had Vick's dog fighting ring never been found, his public personal would be drastically different, he'd be tens of millions of dollars richer, and he wouldn't be a convicted felon. It's not likely that the Falcons would've become a legitiment contender. Vick has has admitted that he didn't put forth maximum effort in Atlanta so it's fair to say that his numbers would've declined.