Anybody who's anybody knows about these two guys dodging each other like the plague. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao were the two most exciting draws in the boxing world for a solid three or four year stretch and despite the similar weight class and lack of true obstacles in front of them, they never managed to meet up in the ring. At this point, it's an afterthought to most fans and boxing enthusiasts because Pacquiao has taken a few losses and Mayweather has gotten even older and is less likely to be willing to give Manny a shot. We would still pay to watch them fight, but whatever, who cares at this point?

What could've been: Had these two men squared up back when everybody cared and they both were superior fighters, we'd have to go with Mayweather. No disrespect to Manny, but Floyd just always seem to come in with a solid gameplan and be able to counteract whatever his opponent throws at him. Mayweather's boxing and defensive ability are just too strong for us to say otherwise, though we would expect a potential scare on account of Manny's power.