We've seen tons and tons of weird custom cars in the past. But we have to admit: When it comes to crazy customizations, this car takes the cake. Er, or rather, the banana.

It's called the Big Banana Car, and it gets just eight miles to the gallon. It's a 1993 Ford F-150 that was outfitted with fiberglass, wood, foam, and a bunch of other materials to make it look like a big banana. And it's owned by Michigan native Tom Brown, who decided to build the car about four years ago in order to attract advertisers. It has worked, too. So far, he's done business with everyone from Chiquita to Del Monte and made a decent amount of money off the Big Banana Car concept. He outfits the Big Banana Car with advertising, drives it around, and watches as people flock to his ride.

He's not done building crazy custom cars, either. Once he gets the Big Banana Car business completely off the ground, he's hoping to build other cars like it to attract other kinds of businesses as well. So don't be surprised if you see, like, an orange or a gigantic cell phone driving around in Michigan sometime soon.

Brown might just be onto something here. And while we wouldn't be caught dead behind the wheel of a big banana, we can respect the entrepreneurial spirit that Brown is showing off right now by driving it.

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[via Detroit Free Press]