Even though we love it and literally live for Sundays in the fall, there are quite a few things that annoy us about the National Football League. For example, we can't stand the fact that it feels like the league is fining every single player who makes a big hit during a game these days. Even plays that don’t result in a penalty flag are earning defenders huge fines. Also, we don't understand why defensive players aren't even allowed to breathe on quarterbacks anymore without getting a "roughing the passer" penalty called on them. It's gotten pretty out of hand. But do you know what really grinds our gears when it comes to the NFL? Some of the actual players themselves.

Now, don't it twisted: We're cool with about 99 percent of the guys in the NFL. We truly believe that NFL players are like modern-day gladiators, and we respect the hell out of what they're able to do on the football field. But thanks to things like NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone, we now get an up-close-and-personal look at just about every single one of our gridiron heroes every single week during the regular season. And there are some guys who, quite frankly, we just can't stand. Some of them play dirty. Others of them frequently underachieve. And the rest? Well, there's just something about them that irks us (can someone please tell Mark Sanchez to get a haircut and shave?!). So with that in mind, these are The 20 Most Annoying Players in the NFL Today. These guys are the only thing that can ruin a Sunday afternoon for us.

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