We love the NBA. And if you're reading this right now, then we're guessing that you love it, too. But there are some things about the Association that really, really, really piss us off sometimes. Charging calls? Yeah. Referees who miss super obvious calls? Of course. Commentators who JUST WON'T STFU AND LET US WATCH THE DAMN GAME? Um, obviously. But you know what annoys us more than any of those things? Annoying players.

Take Christian Laettner, for example. Laettner—who turns 44 today—started annoying us way back in 1992 when he somehow managed to weasel his way onto the Dream Team, and he didn't stop annoying us until…well, come to think of it, even though he retired back in 2005, he still annoys us every March when we have to hear about how awesome he was back at Duke. But he's not in a class by himself. There have also been dozens of other annoying players who have played in the NBA over the years like Raja Bell, Danny Ainge, etc, etc. So in honor of Laettner's birthday, we just narrowed them down to the 20 Most Annoying Players in NBA History. Prepare to be thoroughly annoyed.

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