Were you the person who shot paintballs at Adam "Pacman" Jones' car last night? No, really, were you? Because if it was you, we have some advice for you: Run. Run far, far, faaaaaaar away. Because you probably don't want to be in the same state at the Bengals cornerback right now. He saw what you did to his car last night and, well, he's not very happy about it. And he's ready to prove to you why you should not pop off anywhere near him, his car, or his family.

Just check out this tweet that he sent out last night after he saw the damage:

And this tweet:

And this tweet:

And this retweet:

And this tweet:

And...we think you get the point. Pacman is about that life, guys! So if it was you who tested him, you better not let him find out.

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[via Black Sports Online]